Casinos of Michigan is a companion to my book, Casinos of  Michigan.” The book is a guide to Michigan’s 26 casinos based on two years of traveling to each casino multiple times.

The site features tips on improving your visits to casinos, including smart ways to play slots, common sense approach to card games such as blackjack and poker, and snagging comped meals, hotel rooms and free play.

The site also will be the best source for casino and gambling news in Michigan, based on a 29-year track record of professional reporting by your host, Steven Hepker. We will tell you about changes in casino policies, the latest trends, the newest slots entering the market, and current deals offered by the casinos.

If you happened upon Casinos of Michigan and are thinking this site is not worth your time, you might be right today. The Web page is a work in progress. Check back from time to time. I promise it will develop into a first-class, useful source that will improve your trips to casinos. Thanks for stopping by. Steven Hepker.